Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're having a....

little girl!!!! We had our "big" ultrasound on Friday and saw that she is for sure a little female baby. I could only see the screen when the technician would turn it towards me every now and then but Kris saw that our lil Haylie Grace was a constant mover and a shaker, just like when we hear her heartbeat. I'm feeling her kick and move around quite often now so I can also vouch that she moves A LOT :) So far, we've decided on Haylie Grace as her name but we know that may change as we get to know her better or when we see her.

We went to the ultrasound with my mama and since mom had problems seeing what was going on in my niece's ultrasounds, I was super happy to see her jump and exclaim "I SEE A BABY!" when the technician first put the ultrasound thing on my belly. She had no problem seeing her grand daughter this time!!! She also brought us a couple of adorable outfits that are similar to what I wore as a baby.

Here's the newest picture of our baby. As you can tell, she's not very bean (or beanette) like any more!

We can't see her facial features yet, but I think she already looks like Kris or Kari based on her facial structure. She's super adorable and I can't wait to see her again on another ultrasound in 2 weeks when we're hoping to be able to see her nose and lips. Kris' mom will be accompanying us to that one and I know she'll love it as much as we do. :)

As far as my body goes, I have got this adorable lil belly that I can't keep my hands off of! I haven't weighed myself yet this week and I'm honestly a little afraid to. I know that I should be gaining between 1 and 3 pounds a week right now, but I've been so impressed with the scale showing lower numbers than I've seen in years I'm slightly scared to see it look more normal. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but it's the truth. On the always positive aspect, I am LOVING how often I feel Haylie move around! I can't wait for Kris and our family and friends to be able to feel her move!

Starting yesterday, Kris' schedule changed from nights to "days" and he now starts at 3 am. That is a huge difference for our sleep schedule!!! I've found (for the last two days) that I love getting up in the morning with him. I make his lunch while he's getting ready which makes me feel incredibly happy that he's eating healthy and not wasting money on crap-food soaked in grease. We started changing our sleep schedule on Friday and I've yet to be able to get up earlier than my usual noon and STAY up. I'm working on it tho... :)

OK, that's all for now. I'll get a new belly pic this week or weekend.

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  1. New belly pic tomorrow night! I think you should make blogging a regular habit... I love reading what you write =)