Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome to my world!

Hello, hello! It looks like this is my first post! I had originally set this blog up with the idea of it being about planning my wedding, my family and random adventures that my love and my friends and I all have. In the time between deciding that an now, however, my love and I have been blessed with a pregnancy and moved our wedding date forward. Now, I am a very happily married prego lady and will instead be telling you about our married life, our pregnancy (and then our child), our adjustments to our new life and of course our random adventures along the way.

On Wednesday, I will be in my thirteenth week of pregnancy. YAY! Almost done with the nasty first trimester! So far, it's been a fairly hard one. I have terrible morning sickness that can come on at any time and usually several times a day, along with exhaustion that seems impossible to get rid of. Kris (the wonderful husband) was teasing me last night about how throwing up is a morning affair, nightly affair, afternoon affair, mid-morning affair, and any other time affair.

Kris and I have now been married a month and we're loving every minute of it! Ok, we all know that's an exaggeration but we are definitely one of those sickeningly cute couples that is just too happy to be together for the rest of our lives. He's an amazing partner and love and I am so incredibly blessed to have him. He is also incredibly patient! Anyone that has been pregnant or been around a pregnant woman much knows how much trouble we can be! He's there for me every step of the way offering help and love and understanding.

What's next for us? Not sure! We have another dr. appointment on Wednesday which will be our last ultrasound until the 20 week one where we find out the gender, I believe. It will also be our first time hearing the baby's heart beat. We won't know for a while if the baby is a boy or a girl so right now, the baby is just Bean. :) At this moment, our names of choice are Hunter or Topher for a boy and Taylor or Jillian for a girl with Grace or Marie being the middle name for a girl and probably Steven for a boy. If we name him Topher Steven, he'd essentially be a junior, just with a slightly different name on the birth certificate. I love the idea of having a junior, but saw some backlash from it with my best guy friend having the same name as his father. Ok, I just want a mini-me or a mini-Kris. I'm ok with being that honest. :)

Til later my friends!