Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life Organization Help Needed!!!!

Hi ya'll!  I haven't been on for a while but I need advice!  I've been a stay at home/wife since the first trimester of my pregnancy and now my daughter is 11 months old.  I positively LOVE spending all day every day with my daughter... maybe a lil too much...  I am getting nothing done!!!!  It's especially frustrating because I'm great at managing an office and admin stuff in a work environment, no problem!  Manage a team, a project, a budget, etc... No problem!  Managing a house and a family life.... oh dear!

My husband and I have talked A LOT about this issue of mine.  I keep busy with my at home work of misc online jobs and Avon ok, but not as well as I'd like to.  Then there's the household...  We know that one of my issues is just being used to working and working a lot outside of the house so I'm trying to get used to not doing that and not providing even half of the household income, so that makes me a little stir crazy.  I'm incredibly thankful to get to spend this time with our baby and want to be better at being a house-wife and mom so I'm trying my hardest to make it work instead of just throwing in the towel and signing up with a temp agency or even applying at a grocery store or something.  Help?  

Where can I find more resources on how to be more organized with time, priorities and other household stuff?  Money and baby I've got down.  Now I just have to figure out EVERYTHING else!  lol, I know a lot of us stay at home moms have impossibly high expectations of ourselves and our homes but I'd be happy with just being good enough to... hmm i guess i don't have an end goal... good enough to be happy with my work at the end of the day?  I think I can keep my housework, laundry and meals taken care of each day as soon as I get an actual plan together and a good base worth of work done.  We just moved into a new townhouse and are taking forever to unpack since we have too much crap and i'm being super picky about what is actually allowed to stay and get put away.  I'm currently working on accepting that we have too much crap and letting my husband just put the boxes in storage until we have time to both go through them.  

Goodness gracious this is long!!!! Help???  What is your advice for having a productive, organized day and life?  Are any of you also used to managing a work life and now good at managing a home life so you can maybe translate it for me....  I know this sounds insane, but I wish....  ;)  I'm looking through other posts right now for more ideas.  OH and hubby can't really help because he works 19 days in a row then gets two off and most of those days are 10 hour days.  He'd like to help but he's so dead tired he often makes more of a mess than accomplishing much.  lol sorry so long... I bet that if I spent these last 3 or 4 minutes scrubbing a toilet or organizing another box I could at least have something to show for my time.  lol omg I'm a mess.  

Thanks for reading!!!!  have a great day and God bless!