Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new post while baby is sleeping!

I found that I highly dislike typing on my phone and I've always known that I hate typing on Kris' netbook, so now that I have my own lap top set up... :)  Hi!

Haylie.  Baby is napping.  She should actually be waking up any time now.  She has been sleeping amazing, by the way!  Thank you for asking.  She now sleeps through the night, has been for a few months now and even puts herself to sleep without a problem.  90% of the time anyway.  And there she is!  Life is awesome.  Hard, of course, but awesome.  We've got each other (me, Kris, Haylie and Bozzy) and a ton of love and support from our family, close friends, and of course, God.  It's all kinds of great.  I'll try and write more later but no promises.